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SMBIS is the brainchild of a group of Old Faujians (former cadets of Faujdarhat Cadet College) who formed Faujians Enterprise Ltd. to take up this project as its initial task. The inspirations behind the idea are the ideals and training from their own cadet college days. Col. Brown was the original architect of this educational system.

We provide English Medium National Curriculum education. For the rapidly globalizing world, proficiency in the English language from a very early age is a major goal of our school. The curriculum is also ingrained firmly in our own society, through proper grounding in Bangla and our cultural and historical roots. Read more ››

Our Facilities & Features

  • Widely experienced Head of School leading a team of dedicated and competent teachers
  • A group of enthusiastic and caring teachers
  • Extra classes for further improvement and Individual care ensured
  • Monthly feedback sent to parents
  • Audio-visual learning environment
  • Creative lessons to make learning interesting
  • Regular parent teacher meeting arranged
  • Computer lab, We have modern and full of recent technology lab.
  • Indoor play zone.
  • Outdoor playground.


  • Provide a modern, scientifically designed physical infrastructure for the education of our children.
  • Create a congenial educational environment for teaching and learning.
  • Set up a team of dedicated and qualified teachers to guide our children in their formative years.
  • Put in place an organizational structure with the best corporate management and educational development.
  • Provide the correct balance between study, recreation and rest appropriate to the child’s age and level of development. 
  • Achieve the utmost constructive interaction between management, teachers and parents to maximize the benefits of all stakeholders. Read more ››

SMBIS Morning Prayer

Thank you Almighty for giving us today.
We are grateful to you in every way.
As we learn to be trustworthy, respectful and caring citizen of today
Please watch over us, as we explore and learn joyfully.
Please bless our teachers, friends and family.


SMBIS Team Wishes a very happy birthday to
Azreen Aysha Nora - ID - AJ-153